January Reading Round-up

January was a busy reading month for me. The CBC Canada Reads longlist was announced on December 23rd, and I immediately felt the pressure to read as many titles as I could from the list before they announced the shortlist. I picked 8 that I was interested in, and I was able to finish 5 of those by the end of the month. Now that the 5 contenders have been announced, it turns out that I read 2 of them, so it shouldn’t be hard to finish the other 3 before the end of March.

On top of that, I was still finishing up The Light Between Oceans, which I started in December, and I had a couple of books to get through for my bookclub.

This is the list of books I read throughout January:

I also made a start on two others from my Canada Reads picks: Today I Learned It Was You by Edward Riche and One Hour in Paris by Karyn L. Freedman. I wasn’t able to get The Break by Katherena Vermette from the library in time, but it’s now in the final 5, so I will keep waiting.

My favourites from January were probably The Light Between Oceans and Knucklehead. Quantum Night was also pretty interesting, though I’m not sure I would highly recommend it for everyone. I can’t say I read anything that really blew me away in January, but maybe that’s because I felt rushed to get through all of those Canada Reads books.

In February, I want to continue with the 3 Canada Reads contenders that I haven’t read yet. I also have Terms of Endearment by Larry McMurtry and Larry’s Party by Carol Shields in my OverDrive right now. These two are the bookclub books for next month, with the theme of authors who write in first person from the point of view of the opposite sex. I’ll be in Australia for that meeting, but I like to “play along at home” anyway.

I’ll be going away to Australia for 2.5 weeks, mid-February to early March. That’s where I’m from, so it’s not like it’s some exotic holiday. But we’ll see whether I get much reading done while I’m away. I’m always hopeful that I’ll read on planes and at the beach, and sometimes it happens but sometimes it doesn’t. We’ll see. Look out for my travel reads post about what I’ll be reading (or feeling bad for not reading) while I’m away.


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