One Book to Open Your Eyes: Canada Reads 2018 Longlist

Ta-da! CBC has finally posted the longlist for Canada Reads 2018. It seems super late this year. I know that last year, they posted the longlist some time in December, which I thought was good timing as much for the authors and booksellers as for people who didn’t know what to get for their book-loving friends for the holidays  🙂

I had a quick look through the list, and gosh I can’t wait to read ALL of them. Here’s the list (copied directly from the link above):

I really, really like the longlist this year. Last year, I chose 8 books from the list to read before the competition, and 3 of those made it onto the shortlist. Admittedly I’ve only had a quick peek at the list so far, but I honestly can’t make my own shortlist here…they all seem to be the kinds of books I would read. So I’ve put all of these on hold at the library, and I’ll just get through them in the order they come in.

Wheee! Here we go. CBC will announce the 5 shortlisted books on January 30, so until then I’ll be reading whatever I can get my hands on from this list.

What do you think of the longlist? Do you have any favourites that you think will be included in the final 5?